New Faculty: Getting Started

Hopefully the following is a comprehensive path to get started with your Marketing and Communications needs as a new faculty member of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at NC State.

Faculty Profile

Find yourself on and go to your profile. Scroll to the bottom, and hit the Edit my Profile link.

More details on your profile here.

NC State Directory

Update your work location, title, etc in MyPack to have that be accurate on the NC State Directory. Note that that is also the source of information that will populate things like title, email address, phone number, office, etc on many other sites around the University.

Personal Website

The campus standard for personal sites is housed on OIT’s Web Publishing service. You can request and create a basic WordPress site for free using their platform.

Don’t like WordPress? Well, you can also use Google Sites for free.

Want to do custom stuff? You can try GitHub Pages (for free), or host your site yourself off-campus.

Generally speaking, all of the needs of your personal site are self-supported by you–we (ECE) can help with questions occasionally, but we have no access to any of these options and don’t manage them. OIT provides some base level of support for their Web Publishing service — and there’s an option to get help from the Dashboard of any site there.

Research Site

The ECE department provides WordPress hosting for faculty research sites. Learn more about this and get started here.

Your Social Media

Active on Social Media (X/Twitter, Threads, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn) in a professional capacity? Submit them here so we make sure we’re following you, tagging you, and helping you engage.

More here.

Our Social Media

All of our social media handles are @NCStateECE for consistency. Want us to share news about you? Drop us a note at

More here.

Talk about your Research

We’re looking forward to sitting down on camera with each new faculty member to provide you an opportunity to share what you’re doing, where your research group is headed, and provide material to help you grow your group here at NC State. We’ll be reaching out to you, but you can also proactively drop us a note at to get it started.

Branding Resources/Templates

Find all the official stuff here. Be sure to also take a look at the FAQs here, as there are some important notes about things like “NCSU” and how you can use logos.

Departmental Intranet?

Well, you’re on it!

myECE is intended to be a full resource for all needs within the department. Each section of the network of sites is managed by the respective office for consistency. When in doubt, you can probably find the answer to a question on there/here.

Can we sit down and go over some of this stuff?

Sure. Set up a meeting invite on Charles Hall’s ( Google Calendar and let’s chat.