Major Events

NC State is committed to appropriate use of space through university policies and practices. As campus events grow more diverse and frequent, appropriate planning, review and space reservations are needed to ensure resource availability, coordination and safety, per REG 11.55.02 Use of University Space. This includes university affiliate and non-affiliate events and applies to all university properties.

As referenced in Section 2.10 of the regulation, major events, or events defined by two or more of the following conditions, require a risk review before planning.

  1. Over 150 persons are anticipated to attend, and the attendees will include visitors and other non-university affiliated individuals;
  2. The Responsible Administrator determines that the complexity of the event requires the involvement of more than one University administrative unit;
  3. The Responsible Administrator determines that the event is likely to significantly affect campus safety and security (based on assessment from University Police) or significantly affects campus services;
  4. The Responsible Administrator determines that the event has a substantial likelihood of interfering with other University-sponsored events, activities, or essential University processes;
  5. The event features an elected official or candidate at the federal, state, or local government level.
  6. The event is a dance or concert; regardless of how many attendees;
  7. The event extends the normal operating hours for the space;
  8. Alcohol is intended to be served; or
  9. Outdoor amplified sound is requested.

Event risk reviews are facilitated by Emergency Management and Mission Continuity, once events are registered in the event portal. This registration and review is in parallel to the space reservation process, as EMMC coordinates collaborative reviews between event planners, Responsible Administrators and campus partners responsible for supporting events.

Groups and individuals must reserve the use of space for their activity before the proposed time and date of the event, with a notice requirement of at least 2 business days for outdoor events and at least 30 days for other spaces (including indoor spaces). Space requests are submitted via unit Responsible Administrators or through reservation portals.

For more information, visit the Department of Emergency Management and Mission Continuity major events website or contact Dr. Amy Orders, Senior Director of Emergency Preparedness and Strategic Initiatives at

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