Emailing from Student Groups

Each ECE-related student org (not on the list and think you should be? Each ECE-affiliated Student Organization is given access for up to two officers to email to the email list. This list includes all ECE undergraduate and graduate students (little under 2000 people).

There are caveats:

  • The officer(s) in question with sending privileges must be ECE students. This is a relatively new rule and is due to technical limitations following the campus list migration to Google Groups. On the odd occasion that you have no current officers that are ECE students and want to send, ping me and we’ll discuss. 
  • The emails must come from an individual, not an organization generic account (eg: This is for a few reasons, including that it puts a face to your communication; and that if you used generics, it would somewhat invalidate the restriction of only two people having access to send. There are very limited exceptions to this for departmental discretion, so assume that there are none.
  • Don’t go nuts. We all get plenty of email overload, so please limit your usage of this rationally. There is intentionally no quantitative rule set for this, but please use your best judgment when choosing to send to everyone, and use it as a supplement to other sources of communication to save your fellow students’ sanity (there is no unsubscribe).

Other outreach sources:

  • Social media — yours or ours (submit here for ours or talk to me specifically for broader outreach). 
  • The ECE Student Happenings Weekly email (submit here)
  • University Calendar (
  • Flyers (these are only permitted on specifically labeled bulletin boards in EB2 and MRC… flyers left on windows and walls in either building will be automatically set on fire).
  • Billboard screens (