Department and Corporate Logos

What logo should I use for the department?

The department’s official logotype is the University Brick, flanked on the right by the text “Electrical and Computer Engineering”. The official variants of that are available at

Can I use the old diode ECE logo?


Can I just recreate the NC State brick logo or the ECE logo myself?

No. The spacing, coloring, and fonts used are all part of the official brand and should never be adjusted/changed.

What logo can I use for the University?

Go to to see and download all the options.

Note that the “block S” logo is not to be used by academic units – it’s reserved for student/alumni spirit and athletics. Similarly, the chancellor’s seal (with the Bell Tower) is only allowed for official communications from the Chancellor’s Office.

My group is sponsored or working with another company, can we use their logo in print or on the web?

You must ensure that you have explicit permission from the company to use their logo – just because you may be working with them or using their product does not imply consent to use their logo on any University communication.

Can I use the Department Logo on merchandise (like a shirt or cup)?

As the Department Logo includes the University’s trademark, it is subject to royalties, and can only be produced by licensed manufacturers. See Trademark Licensing for more information.

Other Notes

Licenses of the official font (Univers) are limited to official communication roles. If you do not have Univers, you should be using Arial as the font in any official/departmental use.

The official colors are available at and should always be used exclusively and specifically.

The “Circuit Wolf” which is used on Department social media is not an official logo and should not be used in place of the official logotype. It can however be used as a graphic accent or symbol for the department – email to use the Circuit Wolf.

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