Employment Verification

See below for quick reminders on the University’s policy regarding verification of employment. You can also visit the HRIM site for additional information.

University policy is that departments do not provide employment verifications. The employment verification process varies based upon appointment type. If you receive any calls or emails for employment verifications, please follow the instructions below based on appointment type.

Permanent SHRA/EHRA employee:
Direct anyone who calls for an employment verification to HRIM at 919-515-7929. They will be provided with detailed instructions on how to complete an employment verification.

Forward email requests to hrimhelp@ncsu.edu (the Records Manager position is currently vacant). Make sure that any attachment being sent does not include the employee’s SSN. If an SSN is in the attachment, delete the attachment before forwarding the email. They will be directed to fax their request, so the attachment is not necessary. Also, make sure to delete the original email once it has been forwarded.

Student employees (including work-study and student temps):
Due to the sensitive nature of student data and related FERPA legislation, all work-study and temporary student employment verifications must be completed by HRIM. Please forward all requests for NCSU student employment verifications to: HRIM, 2711 Sullivan Dr Campus Box 7210 Raleigh NC 27695, 919-515-7929 voice, 919-513-0793 fax

Graduate RA and TAs:
All Graduate Assistantship employment verifications are completed through the Graduate School by the Manager of Graduate Appointments.  To verify graduate assistantship, contact:
Email: gradschool-assistantships@ncsu.edu (for current or previous students only.)
Fax: 919-515-2873 (Fax request must come with a signed release) 

The Work Number

NC State also participates in the nationwide “Work Number” system. It saves significant time and effort for everyone – employees, lenders, and employers.

“The Work Number” is a secure, automated service where employees can instantly certify their employment and income at NC State when they’re applying for a loan or service. Any lender or leasing agent can verify the employment and income for any non-student NCSU faculty and staff member (both regular and temp employees) within a matter of minutes. The service is available 24/7 and can be used whenever you need to provide proof of employment or income. 

How the Process Works 

The employee controls the process. You pre-authorize the party that you want to be able to verify your income. The pre-authorization process is fast and easy and can be done online at www.theworknumber.com — or by phone or fax to 1-800-367-5690. 

  1. You simply provide the verifier with your social security number and NC State University’s unique Employer Code: 13063
  2. Verify your Income with a “Salary Key” (see steps below to obtain a Salary Key). If you want to verify your current salary in addition to verifying that you’re employed at NC State, you create a one-use “Salary Key.” After a Salary Key is used for a one-time verification, it can’t be used again, but you can create new salary keys as needed. You create a unique Salary Key for each verifier who needs to verify your salary. If you provide your e-mail address, the Work Number notifies you when the verifier actually uses their Salary Key. 

To obtain a Salary Key, follow these steps through Employee Self-Service:

  1. Go to NC State’s homepage www.ncsu.edu
  2. Click on Resources at the top right side of the page, and choose MYPack Portal
  3. Log in using your UnityID & password 
  4. Click on the “For Faculty & Staff” tab
  5. Click on “Launch Employee Self Service” icon
  6. Click on the “Payroll & Compensation” icon
  7. Click on “Employment/Income Verification”. You will automatically be redirected to The Work Number website.