PostDoc- Performance Management

Section 4.1.4 of the Postdoctoral Scholars Regulation 10.10.08:

4.1.4 All postdoctoral appointments are subject to annual performance reviews that are documented and placed in the postdoc’s personnel file. Documents that can be utilized in the review process can be found in the Faculty Resources section of the Office of Postdoctoral Affair’s (OPA) website. ORIED’s ISSC requests departmental confirmation, via e-mail, once performance reviews are completed.

The following documents may be utilized in this process:

Performance Evaluation Worksheet (for the postdoc to complete prior to the annual review)

Performance Review Form

Mentoring Activities for the Postdoctoral Scholar

Mentoring is viewed as a critical component of the postdoctoral researcher’s success, both as a postdoctoral scholar and a future scientist. Given its importance, mentoring will be a formalized activity between the postdoctoral researcher and the principal investigator with the aid of an individual development plan. The principal investigator will schedule meetings on a regular basis to discuss the postdoctoral scholar’s individual development plan and to assist the postdocin meeting his or her goals such as career development, obtaining additional research skills, number of publications, and other professional development objectives. In addition, the postdoctoral appointee will be encouraged to participate in the offerings of NC State University’s Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, which includes career counseling, self-assessment activities, and free professional development seminars. It is to the supervisor’s advantage to evaluate their postdoc’s research and/or teaching performance, provide them with feedback, and communicate expectations of them. 

Additional information about annual performance reviews and/or individual development plans for postdocs can be found on the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (OPA) website. Copies of signed annual evaluations will need to be sent to Shannon Plummer-White, Human Resources Manager, to keep in the personnel file by the provided deadline.

Additional Resources