Employee Resources

Contact: ECE-personnel@ncsu.edu

Benefits and Leave Administration 

The University Human Resources Benefits and Leave Administration Office assists staff and faculty in the following areas:

Covid Resources https://www.ncsu.edu/coronavirus/fall-2021/

New Faculty Orientation

The College of Engineering and the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences holds a New Faculty Workshop each year, usually just prior to the fall semester. The workshop covers challenges associated with writing proposals and conducting research, planning courses and teaching, and work-life balance. More information is available here.

  • Office of Faculty Development
  • The Office for Faculty Excellence provides support and guidance to all NC State faculty, as we foster and facilitate professional success and growth.
  • College of Engineering
  • Engineering Faculty Advancement provides faculty with the tools needed to succeed and excel. We utilize traditional resources, as well as innovative techniques to encourage outstanding research and professional development.
  • DELTA grant program
  • The DELTA Grants program provides support, key services and financial resources to increase student success through faculty partnerships. Our goal is to collaborate on reusable efforts with a broad reach to enhance teaching and learning through technology and research-based best practices.
  • Chancellors Innovation Fund

Professional Development

  • DELTA workshops
  • Focus on providing instructors with the tools, skills and knowledge to effectively use NC State learning technologies to impact student success.
  • Faculty/ Staff Tuition Waiver
  • Learning and Organization Development
  • Builds the knowledge, skills, and abilities of NC State’s workforce by helping them develop and achieve their potential so that the organizations they work for can succeed and grow. L&OD fosters a learning culture where employees are engaged in continuous learning.
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • OIT Workshops
  • Office of Professional Development
  • NC State University’s Office of Professional Development (OPD) is a unit of the office of Continuing and Professional Education. Dedicated to the development and delivery of non-degree professional training courses, OPD provides you with a broad range of quality educational opportunities in a flexible, comfortable, and affordable learning environment.
  • The REPORTER system will provide the functionality to support a variety of non-credit activities campus-wide.  REPORTER leverages a solution that is innovative and flexible so that the participating campus units can share the benefits of a system that encompasses the Outreach community, yet maintain some of the autonomy which makes each unit unique.