Biweekly Appointments


Request biweekly appointments (student/temporary employee, work study employees, PEP employees, Research Assistants, and Teaching Assistants) by submitting our online request form.

  • We do not enter retroactive appointments, so make sure that supervisors request start dates at least three business days into the future. Also, make sure there is an active I-9 on file before confirming any start date.
  • Appointments are coordinated and processed through the applicable HR Reps, which depends on the funding source(s) for each appointment (ASSIST, FREEDM, PowerAmerica, or ECE). 
  • For ECE projects, some Faculty are split between several HR Reps.

Student/Temporary Employees

  • Students must be paid a minimum of $7.25/hour, maximum amount is $34/hour.
  • In order to qualify for a student worker position, students must be registered for classes.
  • The JAR system will provide an error message if you try to hire a student that is not enrolled.
  • Students can hold multiple student positions on campus. Students/temporary employees are typically not allowed to work University holidays, however, they can work ONLY if there is a business need and there needs to be supervision during the time worked. 
  • Student/Temporary employees should reach out to their supervisors for prior approval before working any holiday.

Work Study Employees

  • Federal Work-Study (FWS) is a federally-funded, need-based employment program.
  • Eligible students may earn FWS funds by working part-time with approved FWS employers.
  • Students are awarded FWS based on financial need, availability of FWS funds, and job availability.
  • Employing departments, and the state and federal governments share in the payment of student wages. The Federal Work-Study Program provides valuable experience to students both inside and outside of their field of study.
  • Students are encouraged to work part-time while in school to not only gain work experience but to help contribute to the cost of their education and reduce their loan indebtedness.
  • If you are an employer and have questions about the Federal Work-Study program, contact Marion Zanga, FWS Coordinator, at 919.513.1887 or as the process starts here.

Provost’s Professional Experience Program (PEP) Employees

  • The PEP program was created by the Office of the Provost and is administered by the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid (OSFA). 
  • The program aims to create meaningful campus student employment opportunities with particular emphasis on expanding research enrichment and career development for undergraduate students regardless of financial need.

Research Assistants (RA)

  • Graduate Research Assistants are appointed in an academic department or program and (a) directly participates in the research mission of the unit, or an on-campus or off-campus organization that is affiliated with the unit, in the design of experiments, data collection, analysis, or reporting of research results in the student’s field of study, where research may, but is not required to, contribute directly to the student’s thesis or dissertation; or (b) provides general support to the research mission of the department or program.

Who do I contact with questions regarding RA appointments?

  • Email for all questions regarding RA appointments in ECE.
  • Contact the respective HR Rep listed below regarding RA appointments in FREEDM, ASSIST or PowerAmerica.

ECE HR Reps:

  • Candice Byrd (ASSIST)
  • Heather Carroll (PowerAmerica)
  • Kimberly Dickens (EBII)
  • Rebecca McLennan (FREEDM)

Shannon Plummer-White – Human Resources Manager
Demonica Hicks – Director, Finance & Administration

Teaching Assistants (TA)

  • Graduate Teaching Assistants are appointed in an academic department or program and (a) directly participates in the teaching mission of the unit as instructor of record, lab instructor, recitation leader, lab or lecture assistant, or who has responsibilities in direct support of classroom instruction in the unit, such as setting up labs or working in an instructional computer lab; or (b) provides general support to the teaching mission of the department or program.
  • Fall, Spring, and Summer TA’s are decided by Associate Department Head, Greg Byrd. Dr. Byrd will share a google spreadsheet with all TA assignments outlining the funding source, tuition needs, etc.  TA’s are initiated in NextGen by the Graduate Office.
  • The HR Reps will process any undergraduate TA appointments that are assigned on the TA spreadsheet (processed as hourly student appointments). ECE Graduate Office can only terminate TA appointments.
  • Due to the fact that TA appointments are supported on departmental funds for which there is a specific budget, an hourly/undergrad TA who exceeds their appointed FTE will have a direct impact on the department budget. For this reason, it is important that hourly/undergrad TAs do not exceed the hours specified in their Terms and Conditions.
  • TAs (hourly and salary) are permitted to work during spring break but should not exceed their appointed FTE.

Who do I contact with questions regarding TA appointments?

ECE Grad Office Contacts:

  • Director: Paul Franzon
  • Asst. Director: Ginger Yu
  • Graduate Student Services Coordinator (GSSC): Fenile Jones
  • Graduate Recruiting & Admissions Specialist: Celeste Barton
  • Graduate Administrative Support Associate: Vacant

Centers (FREEDM, ASSIST, and PowerAmerica)

The OUC for all ECE Grad/Temps is 140488 and PowerAmerica/ECE is 140444.

  • If the student is being split funded between ECE/FREEDM and PowerAmerica, two actions will need to be submitted for each funding source, ECE/FREEDM action will have OUC 140488 and PA action will have OUC 140444.
  • All centers process their own actions in their own department/center OUC for monthly and biweekly appointments for their employees. 
  • For biweekly employees who are funded by one of these centers and who also report to an ECE Faculty member, when hiring these appointments, ASSIST and FREEDM will use shared OUC 140488 and PowerAmerica will use OUC 140444.
  • The centers handle their own approvals through NextGen and JAR.

Center Contacts: