About Us

MONTHLY Appointments Contact: ECE-hr-mgmt@ncsu.edu

Shannon Plummer-White, ECE Human Resources Manager (handles monthly appointments):

Main functions:

  • Manages recruitment needs for Faculty, EHRA, SHRA, and Postdocs.
  • Manages all monthly appointments & separations including: Faculty, EHRA, SHRA, and Postdocs. 
  • Manages Visiting Appointments, Visiting Scholars, &  Unpaid Appointments.
  • Initiator for Visa Needs.
  • Final Approver for bi-weekly appointments including: GA, RA, TA, Student Workers.
  • Wolftime Timekeeper for the Department for Monthly employees (including Leave, FMLA, & Scholarly Reassignments).

Note: Any Postdocs, Visitors, and Visa Needs for employees who will be housed in ANY building other than EBII will need to contact the HR Representative located below in the Contacts for the Centers.

BI-WEEKLY & Student Appointments Contact: ECE-personnel@ncsu.edu

Kimberly Dickens, ECE Human Resources Specialist (handles biweekly appointments):

Main functions:

  • Manages Graduate Research Assistants (GRA), Student workers (hourly), including PEP, work-study, hourly TAs, and undergraduate TAs.
  • Process I-9s which are required by federal and state laws for students to work.
  • Process new hires, rehires, modifications, and separations in JAR and NextGen.
  • Wolftime Timekeeper for the hourly student workers.
  • Process Salary Distribution Changes (SDC) to create a change in a position’s distribution.

Contacts for the Centers (PowerAmerica, ASSIST, NNF, and FREEDM):

  • All centers process their own actions in their own department/center OUC for monthly and biweekly appointments for their employees.  For biweekly employees who are funded by one of these centers and who also report to an ECE Faculty member, when hiring these appointments, ASSIST and FREEDM will use shared OUC 140488 and PowerAmerica will use OUC 140444. The centers handle their own approvals through NextGen and JAR.
  • For HR actions at the Centers, please contact the following; PowerAmerica: Heather Carroll/Randy Bickford  NNF: Philip Barletta/Nicole Hedges ASSIST: Candice Byrd FREEDM: Rebecca McLennan/Karen Autry
  • Postdocs, Visitors, and Visa Needs hire actions for employees who will be located in ANY building other than EBII will need to contact the HR Representative for that building (Example: ASSIST (Candice Byrd), FREEDM (Karen Autry)