Wolftime- Monthly

Leave Administration and Timekeeping for Monthly Employees

Training and resources (videos and read alongs) are available from HR:

For Users

For Managers

For Administrators

The HR Manager serves as the leave coordinator for the department. Responsibilities include monitoring employee leave balances and making sure there are no discrepancies. HR Manager is also responsible for making sure employees meet their standard work week and if needed, submit leave requests appropriately. If an employee takes too much leave for one week, the Leave Coordinator can adjust the leave amount pending employee and supervisor approval. 

For separating employees, there is no longer any annual and bonus leave payout form that has to be sent to the Dean’s office. WolfTime will automatically pay out final leave balances following the month after separation. This process is done now by employees certifying their leave time prior to them separating from the University. https://hr.ncsu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2017/05/Leave-Balance-Certification-for-separating-employees.pdf

For retirees the system will payout the annual, bonus, comp, and zero them out. The sick leave for TSERS participants will zero and the ORP ones will stay just in case they return to a leave earning position within five years.