Extended Hours

Extended Hours for EB2 1004 (Fabrication Space)

  • 12 a.m.-8 a.m Monday-Friday;
  • 5 p.m.-midnight Monday-Friday;
  • All day Saturday-Sunday.


  • During Extended Hours, there will be two machines not available: the bandsaw and the Syil CNC machine. These machines will be physically locked to prevent usage. For safety reasons, these will not be made available when the MakerSpace Coordinator is not around to monitor their usage.
  • All access during Extended Hours MUST follow the buddy system. What does this mean? You do not enter or use the room unless you have another trained MakerSpace user with you. Make note of the trained requirement —bringing a friend who hasn’t been authorized for access to the MakerSpace doesn’t count as an authorized buddy for access during Extended Hours.
  • Don’t overstay—finish your project and leave while you are using the MakerSpace during Extended Hours.

We hope you can make use of these Extended Hours for your course, research, and personal projects, but ask that you understand our need for these Extended Hours rules and safety requirements. The area will be monitored and anyone caught not following these rules will have their access to the MakerSpace revoked.