Welcome to the ECE MakerSpace

Limited Occupancy has been removed.

Gloves requirement has been removed.

Face Mask is required

Safety Glasses now available

Please use the 70% alcohol bottle to spray and clean safety glasses before use.

MakerSpace Lockers

You will find that we have some of the lockers reserved for official use. Please respect those signs and do not use them. We’ll be using these for pickups and drop-offs (3D jobs, safety glasses, components, packages, etc).

Online Training Availability

Safety Training: https://reporter.ncsu.edu/link/instanceview?courseID=COE-ECE-MAKE101&deptName=COE&instanceID=000635

3D Printing Training :https://reporter.ncsu.edu/link/courseview?courseID=COE-ECE-MAKE201&deptName=COE

Wazer Training : https://reporter.ncsu.edu/link/instanceview?courseID=COE-ECE-MAKE202&deptName=COE&instanceID=000001


Need Access to the Spaces?

Take the online Safety Training will grant you access to the Spaces.

Need help or additional training?

Contact Dzung Nguyen, the MakerSpace Coordinator, at ecehelp@ncsu.edu