Welcome to the ECE MakerSpace

We are limiting occupancy to two individuals in 1003A and three in 1004.

Reopening 24/7

As of the morning of Monday, August 24th, we will reopen the ECE MakerSpace for general usage. Everyone who has received safety training will have their card access restored as of that morning. 

However, there are major changes (read below) and anyone found not following these rules will have their access revoked. 

Limited Occupancy

Due to the campus restrictions on the number of people we can have present in small rooms, only 2 people will be permitted into the Kolbas Electronics MakerSpace (1003A), and 3 people in the Troxler Fabrication MakerSpace (1004) at a time. Do not enter without first looking into the windows and making sure there’s not already 2 people in there. If there is, wait until someone leaves. We know that this will severely limit the availability of the MakerSpace, but this isn’t negotiable. Over time, we hope campus will expand this limit. 

Please note that if you’re using 1004 EB2 after hours (all weekend and after 5pm on weekdays), you are still required to have a buddy present.

New Cleaning Procedures

Reopening of MakerSpace requires extra steps to keep the rooms safe for everyone to enjoy. 

  1. When you enter, use the provided hand sanitizer to clean your hands. 
  2. MakerSpace users now require to wear gloves while working in the space. Nitrile gloves are provided and hanging on the wall when you walk in. 
  3. Users must spray and clean their work area before and after. If tools are used, users must clean the tool handles. If instruments are used, all buttons and knobs on the instruments must be clean. Workbench surfaces, chairs must be sprayed and wiped clean. 
  4. If heavy gloves are used, please wear them on the outside of the nitrile gloves. 

Hand sanitizer, cleaning solution sprayer, paper towels are supplied within the. Again, the extra cleaning is necessary for your safety and the other users of the lab. Make sure that you plan for the extra time this will take — if you’re in a hurry, plan to instead use the MakerSpace later.

Safety Glasses

You will find our safety glasses trays are now empty. Until we have the virus under control, we will not be sharing these. All soldering users are expected to bring their own pair of safety glasses. We have purchased a number of extras, and if you need a pair, you can request one from the lab manager Dzung, or one of his student workers, if present, or through ecehelp@ncsu.edu.  

3D Printing 

Limited 3D printing will continue as it has been. There will be no in person printing. 

All users are required to email ecehelp@ncsu.edu and attach the print file(s) and let us know which approved research project / faculty member you’re printing for. We will also accept jobs for specific courses as well. Once the print job is completed, Dzung will place the completed build in a Locker and provide you with a combination to use. Please do NOT enter the MakerSpace to create or attempt to pickup your print job. 

3D printing for personal purposes will still not be permitted at this time (sorry, not until we can better automate the process and increase the room capacities), and all 3D printing is limited to ECE students only.

MakerSpace Lockers

You will find that we have some of the lockers reserved for official use. Please respect those signs and do not use them. We’ll be using these for pickups and drop offs (3D jobs, safety glasses, components, packages, etc).

Training for New Users

The campus restriction for having only 2-3 people present in each room of the ECE MakerSpace poses serious logistical challenges for our training sessions for new users in-person. However, we have developed an online version of the Safety Training, with additional special equipment training coming soon. 

WASER in the House!

We’re happy to announce that the new WASER water cutter has arrived and has been installed. 

This tool is still being configured and tested, so it’s not yet available for general use. We hope to have training sessions created later in the semester for those interested in taking advantage of this new MakerSpace capability. I also wanted to note that this device was purchased by Dr. Robert Kolbas before he passed earlier this year. 

Need Access to the Spaces?

Everyone who wants access to the ECE MakerSpace rooms is required to take a brief 1-hour safety training session. Training sessions are usually held weekly and you can signup for the safety training online (See the Training tab above.). Training is currently suspended while we work on new online only training.

Need help or additional training?

Contact Dzung Nguyen, the MakerSpace Coordinator, at ecehelp@ncsu.edu