3D Printing

3D Printing Announcement

We wanted to let our MakerSpace users know that ECE has a new process in place for 3D printing in the MakerSpace. From now on, students will have access to print through the cloud: https://3dprinteros.helpdocs.io/— this will allow you to manage your printing files online, slice, and submit to our printers without needing to visit the MakerSpace. https://www.3dprinteros.com/

All printer statuses, print queues, and current camera views will be available to our users. 

Restrictions on the service:

  • 3D Printers are limited to ECE students only. Limited exceptions will be made for ECE faculty who have hired non-ECE students to work in their lab (those requests should be directed to ecehelp@ncsu.edu). 
  • Only trained ECE MakerSpace users will have access. Yes, even though you can print remotely, we still consider our basic Safety Training a requirement for any of our advanced services. 
  • New training for our 3D Printers has been created and made available via REPORTER — see https://reporter.ncsu.edu/link/courseview?courseID=COE-ECE-MAKE201 to register and complete online. Access to the printers is generally provided within 24hrs of completing the course.
  • While we’ve been limiting 3D printing to course and research during the pandemic, we will start accepting personal projects now — but these should be limited to a single printer (don’t submit to multiple printers concurrently). 

Questions about the service can be directed to ecehelp@ncsu.edu, though questions about your specific print jobs should be made within the new software. Details on how to use our 3D printing software can be found in our online training.

We expect this service to evolve over time — there are many defaults and permission settings that we’ll review as time goes on. Any suggestions should be emailed to ecehelp@ncsu.edu once you’ve had time to get used to the new interface. 

As of March 2021, we currently have the following 3D printers generally available:

  • 5x UltiMaker 2+
  • 1x UltiMaker 3+ Extended (special access only for ABS material printing, contact ecehelp@ncsu.edu as needed)
  • 1x UltiMaker S5

(a few additional UltiMaker 2+ printers are available, but limited to Senior Design only)

Sample images of the new interface: