Dress Code

Any time you enter the Fabrication Space, even just for a moment, you must adhere to this dress code:

  • Wear short sleeve shirts. No long sleeves, loose fitting clothing, and especially no hoodies with dangling hoods and drawstrings. Rolling up long sleeve shirts is OK as long as the shirt is not baggy and does not have a hood.
  • Tie up long hair so it is as close to your head as possible. This means more than just putting a hair tie on your hair. Tie it up or put it in a hat so that your hair is not dangling off your head.
  • Always wear safety glasses.
  • Tie up long beards.
  • Remove all accessories such as headphones, earbuds, scarves, neckties, etc. The general rule you should be noticing is that nothing should be dangling off your body that could get caught in a machine.
  • Remove all jewelry including but not limited to rings, watches, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. Stud earrings are OK.
  • Remove gloves, they are easily caught in machinery. There are a few rare cases where work gloves are encouraged, such as when folding bandsaw blades, handling sheet metal, using an angle grinder (not a bench grinder!), or welding. Only use work gloves when instructed to do so. The exception to this is very thin latex or nitrile gloves, which may be worn to keep the skin free of oil, solvents, or paints. They must be thin enough that should they be caught in the machine, the glove will simply tear and not drag your hand into the machine.
  • Wear pants or shorts. Your pants must not be too baggy or loose fitting as they may get caught in a machine. Also, no skirts, dresses, or kilts.
  • Wear closed toe shoes, no sandals. You need your feet protected against cuts should somebody drop a tool or a workpiece. Also, no heels, as they are a trip hazard in a machine shop.
  • Optionally wear an apron to keep your clothes clean, and ear protection for your comfort.