In late 2016, the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering opened the ECE MakerSpace in Engineering Building II, consisting of two facilities – the Robert M. Kolbas MakerSpace and the William F. Troxler MakerSpace.  

The two ECE MakerSpaces provide dedicated space for hands-on experiences and have tremendously enhanced the resources for our students.  The two spaces serve to provide all of the resources students need to realize electronics and fabrication projects, both for original prototyping resources for Senior Design and other coursework, as well as extracurricular and personal experimentation and creation projects of our students.  Equipment includes:

  • Electronics testing instrumentation
  • Precision soldering equipment
  • 3D Printers & Scanner
  • PCB Makers & Pick and Place Machine
  • CNC Fabricator
  • Lathe & milling tools
  • Wood and metalwork power tools

Dr. Robert M. Kolbas ECE MakerSpace

The Kolbas MakerSpace provides all the tools required for students to work on electrical projects with state-of-the-art testing and soldering stations, in addition to multiple 3D printers to aid in prototyping.  Support and naming by long-time and current ECE professor, Dr. Robert Kolbas.  Dr. Kolbas also served as the ECE Department Head from 1995-2000 and interim Department Head in 2008-2009. 

William F. Troxler ECE MakerSpace

The Troxler MakerSpace allows for fully-fledged fabrication with a complete wood and metal workshop.  Named in memory of William F. Troxler, Sr., Distinguished Engineering Alumnus and founder of Troxler Electronic Laboratories. Support provided by Mr. Troxler’s son, Robert E. Troxler, a long-time supporter, friend and alumnus of ECE. 

Location & Size

The two spaces provide a 900-square-foot facility in Engineering Building II on the 1st Floor.

  • Kolbas MakerSpace (Room 1004)
  • Troxler MakerSpace (Room 1003A)