What are the date and hours for advising? Do I need an appointment?

Advising will take place during a four-week period. For the spring semester advising begins in late October, for the fall semester in late March. Advising hours are posted on the Undergraduate Advising Calendar. You will find Ms. Townsend, your Academic Advisor, in 3006 Engineering Building II Hall. We do our best to keep these hours, but sometimes we may need to be flexible. No appointment is necessary. You should also review the Registration and Records Academic Calendars for important dates throughout the semester.

How do I choose senior elective courses?

You must choose senior elective courses to satisfy general breadth and depth requirements. You may choose these courses to demonstrate to future employers that you have acquired “skills” in specific technological areas. You can find a list of senior elective recommendations for seven such areas on the ECE Undergraduate Choosing Electives page.

How do I get into an ECE course that requires CODA but I plan to CODA this semester or how do I get into an ECE course when MyPack doesn’t read the pre-req credit for the course because the pre-req has been waived, substituted or I am taking the credit at another institution?

Contact the EFY Advisor.

What are C- Wall Classes?

C- wall classes are courses in which you must earn a C- or better for course credit. These include ECE 109, ECE 200, ECE 209, ECE 211, ECE 212, and ECE 220.

What courses can I take for credit only?

E 115 and HESF courses are the only courses that can be take for credit only (S/U).

When do I register?

You are assigned an enrollment appointment. Check this on MyPack Portal. You can enroll any time after this appointment.

Where is my ADA on the web?

Your ADA is found at Registration and Records. Click on “MyPack”, log on, click on “FOR STUDENTS”, click on “Degree Audit” and print.

How can I get an official copy of my transcript?

Contact the Office of Records and Registration.

How do I apply for a second major?

Applying for a second major in EE or CPE if you are already in the ECE Department is easy. Fill out the Google Form on the ECE Undergraduate Changing Your Major Page.

What do I need to do to CODA into the ECE Department?

CODA information can be found here. ECE requires these classes and a 2.5 GPA within four semesters for matriculation and transfer into the department.

If I want to take a class at another university, how can I find out if it transfers?

The Transfer Course Equivalencies page will allow you to step through a process of matching courses at another institution with NC State course numbers. You will need to choose the institution where you plan to take the course, the department at that institution that teaches the course, and the course number. Print out the page showing that the class you want to take will transfer. If you don’t see your course listed, check with Michelle Fisher in 120 Page Hall. Another resource available to you is the North Carolina Community Colleges Course Equivalencies pdf. Work with an Academic Advisor to verify that the course you plan to take will transfer and to move the credit to the appropriate location on your degree audit after you have completed the course and sent your transcript to NC State University.

Does NCSU offer a certificate, minor or a two-year degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering?

No, NCSU only offers a four year BS in Electrical or Computer Engineering.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

For College-level scholarship programs you must complete the COE Scholarship Eligibility Form available in 120 Page Hall. More information can be found on the Scholarships for Freshmen and Transfer Students page and the NC State Scholarship Resources page.

Where can I find Humanities and Social Science requirements on the web?

GEP requirements for students entering Summer II 2009 and AFTER

Is there a penalty for withdrawing from the university for a semester?

No, there is no penalty for withdrawing from the university for one or more semesters. Students must simply pay a small re-admittance fee.

How do I receive credit for my transfer classes?

Upon admissions to the university have an official transcript form from any other schools attended by the student sent to undergraduate admissions so you can receive credit for courses. Specific course information can be found on the NCSU Course Equivalencies page.