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Latest News

Charging up
Research within Engineering is advancing electric vehicle technology.
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New Technique Uses Power Anomalies to ID Malware in Embedded Systems
A new technique uses power fluctuations to detect malware that uses a system’s architecture to thwart traditional security measures.
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Seniors Prepare to Showcase at Design Day
Take a peek at the process and projects that the seniors of ECE have come up with for Design Day
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Mackey Wins 3rd Place at Research Symposium
Landon Mackey, a Ph.D. candidate working in the FREEDM System Center won third place at the 14th annual Graduate Student
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New Study Demonstrates Radio Signal Benefits From Decades-Old Theory
Electrical engineers show that a longstanding radio theory has real-world utility for boosting the quality of radio signals when transmitting
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Meet Ragan Harrison
Meet Ragan Harrison, an ECE student who studied abroad at Shanghai Jiao Tong, aiming to improve his Chinese skills while
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