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Latest News

Chancellor’s Innovation Fund Helps Turn ECE Research into Real-World Solution
Ph.D. student Pedro Vergara and professor Leda Lunardi have developed tech that creates sharper, more vibrant screen displays that also
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Dai and Franzon win 2019 Qualcomm Faculty Award
Dr. Huaiyu Dai and Dr. Paul Franzon have been awarded 2019 Qualcomm Faculty Awards for research that is inspirational to
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Capstone Projects: Better by design
Senior design in the College of Engineering benefits both students and sponsors.
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Researchers Create Multi-Junction Solar Cells from Off-the-Shelf Components
A new approach from NC State ECE researchers creates multi-junction solar cells with off-the-shelf components and intermetallic bonding.
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Hall Wins University’s 2019 Award for Excellence
Charles Hall, the ECE Digital Communications Manager won one of the 2019 NC State University Awards for Excellence for his
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NC State Queues up to Advance Quantum Computing
We're joining forces with industry and academic partners to lead the way in quantum computing — and train the field's
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