The best resume is the one that gets reviewed.

Your resume has one job: to get you the INTERVIEW! You are building your academic understanding and your technical and professional skills in the ECE MS & PhD programs and your resume is the document which will showcase these skills and strengths. 

There are many characteristics that make a resume attractive to your intended reader. See this quick video here: 7 quick tips

A resume template can help to ensure that your resume is formatted in a way that will catch a recruiter’s eye. Our office has created a template that will help you to make sure you have all of the relevant sections and information that will help your resume to stand out to a recruiter.

Bullet points are perhaps the most important part of the resume because they help to show a recruiter what you, the applicant, contributed to the project. Make sure your bullet points are impactful and showcase your skillset. Need help writing your bullet points? Check out this resource.

Once you have followed these tips, please use our resume tool, Quinncia, (available for MS students only) to make any additional edits and ensure your resume is ATS ready.

Finally, make an appointment via ePACK to have a 1:1 review of your resume with the ECE Graduate Career Services staff.