Offer Negotiation

Negotiate wisely…
  • Don’t make demands, but ask questions instead. To make the exchange feel like a win-win solution and to honor your potential new manager’s authority, form your requests as a question. For example, if asking for a higher salary, form your question like: “Based on my specific skills in [state technical skills], I was hoping for a higher starting salary. In what ways can we work to get an increase?”
  • Negotiate with the right parties. Know who has the ultimate authority to make negotiations. It isn’t necessarily HR.
  • Be prepared to walk away. If the offer doesn’t meet your expectations in areas important to you, you may be better off declining the offer. You may be bitter or resentful if you accept less.** Consult with the ECE Graduate Career Services staff with ANY questions! 
  • Keep quiet and always wait for an answer. There’s an old saying, she who talks first loses. When you propose your salary number or your item to negotiate and your desired terms, do not talk. Wait for the response.
  • Focus on what’s in it for them. Never make this solely about your needs and wants. Explain how they will benefit from hiring you.
  • Leave your emotions outside. This is a business transaction. Do not let your pride, fear, uncertainty, or any other emotion impact what you say or do.
  • Be confident in your value. Remember, the company is lucky to get you and your skills. They’ve invested a lot in this process and they do not want to start over unless they have to. Remind them of the problems you will solve.
  • Smile. You have to be positive and likeable. It also reflects how you handle stress on the job!
  • Get it in writing. When all is said and done, be sure you get the agreed terms in writing before you start.                                            ~ excerpted from

ECE Class of 2019 Average Starting Salaries