Interview Strategies

A firm handshake is a must to start off any interview. 

Acing an interview takes involves the ability to demonstrate both your technical and professional acumen. Thank goodness, we don’t interview every day! This is why it takes practice, practice and more…practice.  The ECE graduate career services team is happy to give you an in-person or virtual mock interview and provide you with real-time, meaningful feedback that will help you speak more confidently about your skills and work style. 

  • As you get ready for your interview, here are some top tips to help you succeed.
  • You can anticipate that you will be asked several different types of interview questions, including behavioral questions, technical questions, even oddball questions that appear to have nothing to do with the role in which you are interviewing for. Preparing yourself for each of these different types of questions will help you to feel more prepared going into the interview. Learn more here.
  • Practice your interview with the Quinncia AI Mock Interview tool or schedule a time to meet with the ECE graduate career services office via¬†ePACK