The deadlines for placing textbook adoptions are

Fall Semester: April 5th

Spring Semester: October 15th

Summer Semester: March 15th

Please note the 3D memo from Warwick A. Arden, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor regarding Textbook Adoption and Costs Fall 2016.

Please also review the Best Management Practices for Textbook Adoption and Use for more details.

Submit your Textbooks

Go to the Bookstore and select Faculty Resources > Textbook Adoption. If you’re just reusing the same book from a previous semester, then it’s relatively painless.

If your class does not have a textbook, please go to the web site and specify that no textbook is required. This removes uncertainty for both students and the bookstore.

Help & Copies

If you need help ordering a book, contact Elizabeth New.

If you need a desk copy or instructor material, contact Elizabeth New..

If you are adopting a new book, and you want copies to be available for TAs, contact Elizabeth New..

If you need assistance in placing a textbook adoption or if any of the following occur:

  • Reservation deadline cannot be met
  • Enrollment changes
  • Course cancellations
  • Textbook information changes

Please contact: Isaac Pomper at (919) 515-3915 or ilpomper@ncsu.edu