General Resources

NC State is committed to helping its scholars comply with the myriad of laws, regulations, and policies applicable to the pursuit of research and scholarly activities. This annual notice is intended to help you identify those situations that might trigger compliance obligations, provide links to practical guidance, and provide contact information for campus officials who are available to assist you.

If you find yourself in one of the scenarios described below, I would encourage you to review the linked guidance and to contact one of the campus officials identified for that particular issue. Otherwise, please keep this memo and use it as a reference if one of these scenarios arises in the future.

Please note that all of the resources below are collected at the Compliance website maintained by the Office of Sponsored Programs and Research Compliance (SPARCS).

Thank you for your attention to these important issues.

Export Controls

  • Will you be conducting research for military sponsors?
  • Will you be working with collaborators in other countries?
  • Will you be shipping samples/materials/supplies out of the country?

Export Control Guidance: 

Point of Contact:

Richard Best (Phone: 515-0158; Email:

Conflict of Interest

Here are some scenarios where an employee’s financial interests could present a potential conflict of interest:

  • Are you an inventor of intellectual property that is licensed to or from the University?
  • Do you periodically engage in external consulting activities or work for another company?
  • Do you or your family own all or part of a company that does business with or sponsors research at the University?

COI and NOI Guidance: 

Points of Contact:

Compliance Officer – Richard Best (Phone: 515-0158; Email:

Safety / Health and Environmental Hazards

Points of Contact:

Ken Kretchman (Phone: 515-6860; Email:

Amy Orders (Phone: 515-5208; Email:

Darren Treml (Phone: 515-6858; Email:

Human Subjects

  • Will you conduct surveys, observations or interviews of people?
  • Will you receive data about people from a third party for your research program?
  • Do you conduct research that involves new or existing data collected from people?

Human Subjects Guidance: 

Points of Contact:

Jennie Ofstein (Phone: 515-8754; Email:

Animal Subjects Use

  • Do you now, or are you planning to use live vertebrate animals in research and/or teaching activities?

If “yes”, have you submitted an Application for Vertebrate Animal Use to the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee? See

If no, go to: for IACUC staff contact information.

Points of Contact:

Judy Schledorn (Phone: 515-7507; Email:

Paula DeLong (Phone: 515-9532; Email:

Anna Hampton (Phone: 513-6157; Email:

Misconduct / Ethics

  • Will you mentor other scholars or students?
  • Are you intimately aware of the standards of professional conduct in your profession?
  • Can you defend your scholarly activities with organized data?

Misconduct / Ethics Guidance: 

Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR) Resources: 

Points of Contact:

Sherrie Settle (Phone: 513-4323; Email:

Jennie Ofstein (

Richard Best (Phone: 515-0158; Email: