Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Electrical engineers design electronic systems – nearly anything with an electron or photon – including circuits, power, nanotechnology, communication, biomedical, and information systems.

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

Computer engineers design computing systems – nearly anything involving a microprocessor – including CPUs, software, digital integrated circuits, and digital signal processing systems.

Dual Degree (Double Major)

Students who complete first-year engineering requirements can apply to CODA in the Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering Programs. Once you are in the department, you can request to be placed in the Dual Degree Program by completing the steps found on the Changing Your Major page.

The curriculum follows the CPE curriculum, taking ECE 303 as the open elective, and adding three extra classes (1 foundation elective and 2 EE electives)

Total Credit Hours: 131

Academic Minors

Accelerated BS/MS

The ABM degree program allows exceptional juniors and seniors in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at NCSU to count up to four graduate ECE courses, not exceeding 12 credit hours, toward the credits required for the both the bachelor’s degree and the master’s degree in either Electrical Engineering or Computer Engineering. Juniors and seniors with 75 or more credit hours, an overall GPA of 3.5.

Degree Requirements

CPE students may replace the one required open elective and three of the four required CPE/ECE electives with four ECE 500 level courses (12 credits) and these classes may be “double counted” toward also satisfying the master’s degree requirements. Similarly, EE students may replace the two required open electives and two of the four required EE/ECE electives with graduate ECE classes.

However, students may not receive credit for both with any of the following pairs of courses (the list is subject to revision):

  • ECE 463 and ECE 521
  • ECE 464 and ECE 520
  • ECE 466 and ECE 566
  • ECE 461 and ECE 561

This program will follow the ABM Program description and rules as recommended by the Administrative Board of the Graduate School on March 7, 2002, or as subsequently revised. The program description is in the University’s Graduate Handbook in chapter 3, section 3.12. Students applying for the program should read the description and rules carefully. The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering will not seek exceptions to the requirements and stipulations stated in the handbook.

How to Apply

To learn more about applying to the ABM program, please refer to Procedures for Students Interested in ABM Program.

You will need to:

  • Meet with the Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs, Ms. Cecilia Townsend, to discuss undergraduate course requirements and meet with Assistant Director of Graduate Programs, Dr. Ginger Yu, to discuss graduate course requirements.
  • Develop an ABM plan of work to be signed by both the Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs and the Assistant Director of Graduate Programs.
  • Apply to the Graduate School and pay the application fee. Your application date should be the first day of the semester immediately following your undergraduate (bachelor’s of science) commencement.