Research Assistants (RA)

Request Research Assistants appointments by submitting our online request form.

Graduate Research Assistants are appointed in an academic department or program and (a) directly participates in the research mission of the unit, or an on-campus or off-campus organization that is affiliated with the unit, in the design of experiments, data collection, analysis, or reporting of research results in the student’s field of study, where research may, but is not required to, contribute directly to the student’s thesis or dissertation; or (b) provides general support to the research mission of the department or program.

Who do I contact with questions regarding RA appointments?

Email for all questions regarding RA appointments in ECE.

Contact the respective HR Rep listed below regarding RA appointments in FREEDM, ASSIST or PowerAmerica.

HR Reps:

  • Candice Byrd (ASSIST)
  • Heather Carroll (PowerAmerica)
  • Rebecca McLennan (FREEDM)

Shannon Plummer-White – Human Resources Manager
Demonica Hicks – Director, Finance & Administration