PowerAmerica Personnel Actions


  • Faculty summer salary is paid from OUC 062301, Project 559482, which is the PowerAmerica cost share project.
  • Faculty summer salary for ECE is entered by ECE staff. Summer salary requests will need to include PA funding approval before submitting in the additional comp system.
  • Faculty “release time” true “effort” is paid from ECE Departmental funds. A TEARS cost share setup is entered, which will allow for capturing ECE’s cost share obligations. This is “effort” that is being cost shared for PowerAmerica.
  • Regarding expenditures, they will most likely be charged to the PowerAmerica cost share project; however, we will revisit this item as appropriate.

Graduate Assistantships

  • The PI with a PowerAmerica segment will need to utilize the NextGen Graduate Appointment System and initiate the action for their student.
  • If the student will be 100% PowerAmerica funded, the PI will enter OUC 140444 on the Initiator page.
  • The PI will also enter their PowerAmerica segment in the area “Project Description” field and/or their PowerAmerica project number if they know it.
  • All tuition for PowerAmerica graduate appointments should be charged to 559482.
  • If the student will be split funded, then the student should have two separate appointments – one appointment in the student’s ECE or home department OUC (140488) and a separate appointment in PowerAmerica’s OUC (140444).
  • The action will route to PowerAmerica or ECE staff for approvals based on the OUC that the PI enters on the Initiator page.
  • For PowerAmerica, the action will route to PA staff for approvals > PI for Initiator, Heather Carroll for HR Job Details and Departmental Funding, Gail Platt or Ginny Moser for College Funding, and ORI as Final HR Approval.

Temporary/Hourly Workers

  • PowerAmerica staff in collaboration with ECE staff is creating a student request form that will be posted to ECE’s intranet.
  • The PI with a PowerAmerica segment will need to complete this form.
  • PowerAmerica staff will generate the offer letter based on this form, obtain the appropriate signatures, forward the student the required paperwork for completion, and finally enter the personnel action for OUC 140444.

Postdocs/Visiting Scholars

  • For postdocs – ECE staff (Shannon Plummer-White) will work with PA staff to create the position description and monitor the recruitment (whether internal or external) in PeopleAdmin7.
  • ECE staff will also submit the personnel action request into PeopleSoft once all recruitment has been completed.
  • All of this will be done on OUC 140444.
  • ECE Staff will also prepare and submit paperwork for hires and/or terminations to Shannon Williams in COE for processing.
  • Regardless of funding, these will be under the College if termination, etc. needs submitted.
  • For visiting scholars, ECE staff (Shannon Plummer-White) will prepare and process visiting scholar appointments.
  • PA staff will notify their Faculty to let ECE staff know if they are planning to bring on a visiting scholar for a PA project when submitting the “Request for a Visiting Scholar Appointment” google form.
  • PIs should submit the request form at least 90 days prior to hire date.

Distribution Changes

  • PIs, ECE staff and PowerAmerica staff must follow the College of Engineering’s process for personnel actions for visiting scholars and postdocs as both employee classifications will be under OUC 140444.
  • All distributions for Postdocs, visiting scholars, EHRA, SHRA, etc. must also be submitted to Shannon Williams in COE for processing in the system.
  • PA staff will work with ECE staff to create salary distribution forms (SDC) and submit to COE.
  • No EHRA, SHRA, or Postdoc action should be entered or approved in the system other than paperwork routing to Shannon’s office for processing, same as all other actions.
  • PowerAmerica staff must use the College of Engineering’s form to request distribution changes.
  • The form may be found at the following website:


  • For travel that will be charged to Power America, students and PIs must complete the PA Travel Request Form on ECE’s intranet under Power America prior to traveling.
  • If PowerAmerica staff (Heather Carroll) is entering travel requests, students will not need access to OUC 062301, Project 558160.
  • Heather will insert the PI’s name into the routing for approval on both the authorization to travel and the reimbursement. (For ECE faculty, please insert Greg Byrd).

Supplies, Equipment, Etc.

  • PIs and students making purchases for PowerAmerica must use the PowerAmerica PI segment number and insert OUC 140444.