Frequently Asked Questions

What account should use when I purchase or book travel?

Please see this document for examples of food / travel codes.

Key/Card Requests?

For ECE space in Engineering Building II (EB2) or the Monteith Research Center (MRC), please submit your request to, cc’ing your PI or Supervisor for approval.

Once the request is approved, there will be a 1-2 business day turn around. You will be notified by email to come and pick up your key(s) once they are ready. Appropriate card access will be provided as a part of this request. Note that this is the same process in the event of lost keys.

Ensure you include the room number(s), full name, and campus ID number as part of the request.

By requesting a key, you must understand and accept your responsibility to the College of Engineering and the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering to 1) occupy and use the facilities in accordance with all University policies, regulations, rules, and practices and with all applicable municipal, state and federal laws and 2) return the key immediately after your appointment is over. If a student, you understand that if you fail to return the key, your Graduation may be placed “on hold” until the key is returned. See NCSU Policies, Regulations, and Rules Manual for further details.

Who do I contact to get employees access to the MRC building?

Who do I contact about visa issues?

Shannon Plummer-White (

Space requests

Contact regarding all space requests from lab space to RA or Adjunct desk space.

Who do I contact with questions regarding TA appointments?

Contact the ECE Grad Office ( for all questions regarding TA appointments. 

ECE Grad Office Contacts: 

  • Director: Paul Franzon 
  • Asst. Director: Ginger Yu 
  • Graduate Student Services Coordinator (GSSC): Fenile Jones 
  • Graduate Recruiting & Admissions Specialist: Celeste Barton 
  • Graduate Administrative Support Associate: Sam Boltz 

Who do I contact with questions regarding RA appointments?

Email for all questions regarding RA appointments in ECE. Contact the respective HR Rep listed below regarding RA appointments in FREEDM, ASSIST or PowerAmerica.

ECE HR Reps: 

  • Candice Byrd (ASSIST)
  • Heather Carroll (PowerAmerica)
  • Kimberly Dickens (EBII)
  • Rebecca McLennan (FREEDM)
  • Shannon Plummer-White – Human Resources Manager
  • Demonica Hicks – Director, Finance & Administration

Who do I contact for all other appointments (including Post-doc, Adjunct, Research appointments)?

Contact Shannon Plummer-White ( regarding all EHRA, SHRA, and PostDoc appointments.

Start-up package Information

Demonica Hicks ( will provide all information related to your start-up package. You will receive account updates on your start-up packages including the dollar allocations and expenditures.

Reimbursements (travel and personal)

Bring the completed Reimbursement form with required back-up documentation to Sharmeen Williams-Nokes ( for state account and non-ledger 5 accounts. For all contracts & grants accounts, contact

Once all documentation is received by the department, there is a 2 business day turnaround within the department.

Research Proposals, Research Account information (5 accounts)

ECE Contracts and Grants –

Room Reservations for tests, exams, study group, special meetings

TAs need to copy Instructor of Record and Elizabeth New ( when making a room reservation through Lindsey Mihalov at

Student Orgs needing to reserve classrooms should use this form

Need an answer to your question you can’t seem to get?

Contact Shannon Plummer-White ( or 919-515-2171).