Employee Resources

Contact: ECE-personnel@ncsu.edu

New Faculty Orientation

The College of Engineering and the College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences holds a New Faculty Workshop each year, usually just prior to the fall semester. The workshop covers challenges associated with writing proposals and conducting research, planning courses and teaching, and work-life balance. More information is available here.

  • Office of Faculty Development
  • The Office for Faculty Excellence provides support and guidance to all NC State faculty, as we foster and facilitate professional success and growth.
  • College of Engineering
  • Engineering Faculty Advancement provides faculty with the tools needed to succeed and excel. We utilize traditional resources, as well as innovative techniques to encourage outstanding research and professional development.
  • DELTA grant program
  • The DELTA Grants program provides support, key services and financial resources to increase student success through faculty partnerships. Our goal is to collaborate on reusable efforts with a broad reach to enhance teaching and learning through technology and research-based best practices.
  • Chancellors Innovation Fund

Professional Development

  • DELTA workshops
  • Focus on providing instructors with the tools, skills and knowledge to effectively use NC State learning technologies to impact student success.
  • Faculty/ Staff Tuition Waiver
  • Learning and Organization Development
  • Builds the knowledge, skills, and abilities of NC State’s workforce by helping them develop and achieve their potential so that the organizations they work for can succeed and grow. L&OD fosters a learning culture where employees are engaged in continuous learning.
  • LinkedIn Learning
  • OIT Workshops
  • Office of Professional Development
  • NC State University’s Office of Professional Development (OPD) is a unit of the office of Continuing and Professional Education. Dedicated to the development and delivery of non-degree professional training courses, OPD provides you with a broad range of quality educational opportunities in a flexible, comfortable, and affordable learning environment.
  • The REPORTER system will provide the functionality to support a variety of non-credit activities campus-wide.  REPORTER leverages a solution that is innovative and flexible so that the participating campus units can share the benefits of a system that encompasses the Outreach community, yet maintain some of the autonomy which makes each unit unique. 



The first one is for people who are thinking about retiring and want to learn more about the process to file for retirement and the impact to benefits. We hope that it will serve as a single point of reference and starting point for them. We also hope that it will help you if/when employees ask you questions about how to get started with the retirement process. RETIREMENT TOOL

Retiree Perks

The second one is a consolidated list of the perks and privileges available to retirees. This is something that we feel is nice to share with retirees in an effort to keep them connected and engaged with the university. If you are aware of any other perks and privileges that are available to retirees, feel free to reach out to me to share that information. This will be an evolving page and we hope to see the list grow over time.RETIREE PERKS

Temp Perks

The third tool is for temporary employee perks. We get questions from temporary employees on what they can participate in or have access to. We are hoping that this page will serve as a reference for them (and for you) to help promote these perks. Temporary employees are a valuable asset to campus and we want to help them feel connected and part of the university and we hope this is a good step toward that effort. If you are aware of any other perks available to temporary employees, feel free to contact me. This too will be an evolving page and we hope to see the list grow over time.TEMP PERKS